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About Us

The Institute of Participatory Development Kulamusana (IPD-K) is Non – Political, Non – religious, Non – Governmental Human Development Organisation registered under the NGO Co-ordination Act of 1990.IPD is a sprout of the many Participatory Development activities in 1998 in the then Kilifi District now Kilifi County composed of the now Kilifi,Ganze,Kaloleni,Rabai,Malindi and Magarini districts. The concept of Participation is African as portrayed in communal family set ups, Land ownership, water, children, and generally life is communally owned.

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CBO Consultancy

We Offer CBO's & clients develop proposals, projects, talent, change and team leadership in communities.

Participatory Learning

Involve the Community through out the different stages of Learning/Developing community actions.

Coordination & Advice

We coordinate and advice various community based programmes in Health,Land, Education & Agriculture in Communities.

Project Proposal Preparation

We Prepare, Consult, Train Individuals & PBO's in different Areas and Themes of Project Propasl Preparation & Canvassing.

Project Resource Mobilisation

Whether it's funding, manpower or tools, rallying the resources. IPD Kulamusana helps guide & nurture different projects into fruition .

Project Monitoring

At IPD-Kulamusana We help track, monitor and evaluate different types of projects in our Communities.

Public Awareness

We use public awareness campaigns to educate the community and give an overview of issues concerning HIV/Aids, Land Rights, Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs.

Project Implementation

We put projects plan into action.We coordinate and direct project resources in different fromtiers of the community at large.

Life is Sharing - Our Partners

At Institute of Participatory Development Kulamusana (IPD-K) we partner with Government, Private Sector & Civil Societies to bring the concept of participation at the grascommunity level to fruition.

Coast Province Areas

Particpatory Learning

Community Action